CSP DeltaWASP 20×40

World’s Advanced Savings Project is founded on the idea of giving people the ability to print themselves into opportunity. WASP’s Delta printers are giving users opportunities beyond other 3D printers by allowing them to produce... Read more

Wanhao Duplicator 5

New for 2014 is the Wanhao Duplicator 5, a 3D printer that is designed to take on the overpriced industrial-style printers currently available. With a large build volume, accurate resolution and a new software design that rivals high-dollar... Read more

2014 Best 3D Scanners Under $10000

2014 BEST 3D SCANNERS UNDER $10000 REVIEWS AND COMPARISON | NextEngine | 3D Digital Corp | CADScan | M3DI | RangeVision; There are indeed a lot of things that 3D scanners can do to make both hobbies and professional manufacturing tasks more... Read more

2014 Best 3D Scanners Under $1500

2014 BEST 3D SCANNERS UNDER $1500 REVIEWS AND COMPARISON | 3D Systems | Occipital | Matter and Form | Fuel3D Inc. | Makerbot; 3D scanners, although you might think they wouldn’t have much practical potential in everyday life, can be... Read more

Airwolf AW3D HD

The Airwolf AW3D HD 3D printer has stunning looks, accuracy, speed and enough variability to make for an excellent machine with a fair price point. Everything about the AW3D HD, from its acrylic body to its variability in printing material... Read more

ORD Solutions MH3000 Five Color

The Ontario-based Object Replication & Design (ORD) Solutions has developed a fully-customizable, well-constructed 3D printer with five, yes FIVE, extruders. The ORD Solutions MH3000 Five Color 3D Printer offers a very durable list of... Read more

Leapfrog Creatr HS

Established 3D printer designer Leapfrog has released its latest in the Creatr line: the Leapfrog Creatr HS. It is a larger and faster version of the Creatr, with ample improvements throughout. A much larger print envelope allows for larger... Read more

2014 Best Online Storage Services

2014 BEST ONLINE STORAGE SERVICES REVIEWS AND COMPARISON | OpenDrive | Bitcasa | Box | ADrive | Egnyte; Computers and devices of all types are becoming increasingly sophisticated with each passing year. Naturally, with increases in functions... Read more

Mbot-3D GRID II Dual Head

It’s hard to believe, but 3D printers have been out long enough to have different versions of the same model come onto the market, and the MBot-3D GRID II Dual Head 3D printer is a perfect example. Magicfirm, the developers of the MBot... Read more