OpenDrive Online Backup

The OpenDrive online backup service is the best we have seen. It incorporates a thorough yet easy to use desktop client which makes backup and sync simple. Not only are the backup and sync capabilities easy, but file download and retrieval is... Read more

Storm Drone 6

A popular drone that is used by more and more people lately is the Storm Drone 6. The Storm Drone 6 is a compact drone that is designed for capturing pictures and videos from an aerial view. With a flying drone, you can take photographs or... Read more

Walkera QR X350 Pro

Drones like the Walkera QR X350 Pro make up a large majority of innovative technology that is used today. They are used to collect data that would be too dangerous for people to collect themselves. For example, to get a clear picture of a... Read more

Parrot Jumping Sumo

The Parrot Jumping Sumo is a small drone that allows you to jump higher than other devices and it provides a few games that come standard with its package. This drone is different than the standard drones that you see for personal use today... Read more

DJI Phantom 2

The DJI Phantom 2 drone is a slick looking drone that comes from a stellar company that takes pride in making drones that are beneficial to you as its primary mission statement and product making goal. A drone is an unmanned remote controlled... Read more

CSP DeltaWASP 40×60

The CSP DeltaWASP 40×60 is the third 3D offering from the WASP Project that has found its way onto one of our lists of best 3D printers within its price range. The WASP Project has been known to produce some remarkable solutions in the... Read more

iD3 iDeator 12

The iD3 iDeator 12 is one of the most impressive 3D printers we have seen yet. Featuring all of the amenities necessary to produce true professional quality results, with a professional quality price tag to match, this printer is definitely... Read more

Robodynamics Luna

The RoboDynamics Corporation released a personal robot a few years ago called the Robodynamics Luna. Luna is built to be the size of a human, comes with lots of features that can be downloaded and added at your convenience, interacts with her... Read more


The PaPeRo robot was developed by NEC, a Japanese based corporation. The PaPeRo name is an acronym for “Partner Personal Robot” and it is one of the highest rated personal robotic products on the market today. The NEC PaPeRo is no... Read more

ASIMO by Honda

The Honda Corporation has recently built and released the Honda ASIMO Personal Robot. ASIMO is an acronym for Advanced Step in Innovation Mobility. ASIMO by Honda was created to be a helping hand for people who cannot access their full range... Read more