Pivothead SMART

Imagine all of those special events in your life that you want to capture forever, like a birthday party, wedding, hike in the mountains and so many more. With the Pivothead SMART glasses, you can do just that, hands free. SMART is short for... Read more

Mozy Online Backup

Mozy Online Backup is a recognizable name when it comes to cloud backup. Our team investigated and found it to be a good contender for the top spot although it does lack features and easy use that we have seen with other services. With top... Read more

CrashPlan Online Backup

With unlimited storage space and no limit to file size, CrashPlan Online Backup offers its users a good skill set to use for comparison to other services. CrashPlan offers online and local automatic cross-platform backup for all files, and... Read more

IDrive Online Backup

With some very unique features and ample storage, IDrive Online Backup offers customers a choice in online backup. Simple, yet easy to use interfaces, as well as the option to access your account and data from any device, make the service... Read more

Carbonite Online Backup

The Carbonite online backup software is easy to use, but like the service as a whole, lacks desirable features. After downloading the software, Carbonite gives the option of personalizing your subscription, giving recommended and advanced... Read more