Egnyte Online Storage

Egnyte’s list of features is tailored for business use, but has features that anyone using online storage should covet. Ease of use is amplified in file transfer and sharing, and no file size limits are placed on uploads. Enhanced... Read more

ADrive Online Storage

If you are looking for online storage that is light on features but offers a good amount of free space, ADrive Online Storage may be a contender. With online editing and document change archiving, file access is easily achieved. Limited... Read more

Box Online Storage

Making itself known mostly as a business-oriented online storage company, Box boasts a great deal of security and features. Document security is very strong and user customization for features seems beyond average. The abilities Box offers for... Read more

Bitcasa Online Storage

Bitcasa is a relatively new player in the cloud storage world being founded in 2011. Easy link sharing and access from any device shore up some of the concerns that buyers have, but don’t quite offset the price tag. Enhanced support and... Read more

2014 Best Online Storage Services

2014 BEST ONLINE STORAGE SERVICES REVIEWS AND COMPARISON | OpenDrive | Bitcasa | Box | ADrive | Egnyte; Computers and devices of all types are becoming increasingly sophisticated with each passing year. Naturally, with increases in functions... Read more