Printrbot Go Large

The Printrbot Go Large is the largest of three in the second generation Go series of their 3D printers. The printer is not only large, but the capabilities of this printer are likewise grand. With a large print envelope, a triple extruder and... Read more

Leapfrog Creatr Dual Head

The Leapfrog Creatr Dual Head 3d printer is a sturdy, pre-calibrated entry-level offering. With its large print size and an optional Dual Extruder, printing large objects with multiple materials is a breeze. Materials and workmanship of the... Read more

OpenCube SCOOVO C170

As a product made exclusively for Japanese markets, the OpenCube SCOOVO C170 is an efficient, environmentally responsible and capable 3D printer that is built with pride in Japan. It has a modest amount of features that stand out, but was also... Read more


The CSP PowerWASP Evo is the first ever 3D printer to feature milling and cutting abilities, paired with the rich and accurate printing abilities one would expect from a machine of such a fine caliber. World’s Advance Saving Project or... Read more

BMW i3

The BMW i3 is a revolution in vehicle design, well beyond its electric vehicle classification. Innovation in the form of the i3’s modular construction signifies the beginning of a new era of automobile design. Sustainable processes and... Read more

Fiat 500e

Marketed as “Environmentally Sexy”, the Fiat 500e has bold looks for a lower price than most other electric vehicles available. Its smooth attitude and abundance of tech goodies takes the electric car to a place it’s never... Read more

Toyota RAV4-EV

Toyota’s crossover SUV electric vehicle, the Toyota RAV4-EV, is a stylish ride with an amenities list that would make other manufacturers blush. With a fully electric motor and a 103 mile range, it is the perfect vehicle for suburban... Read more

Mercedes B-Class

The all-new Mercedes B-Class Electric midsize SUV is designed with cruising the suburbs in mind. With a nice interior and standard collision-prevention assistance, the B-Class is ready to get groceries in style, but that is about all you could... Read more

Tesla Model S

The 2014 Tesla Model S takes conventional thoughts about electric vehicles and throws them right out the driver’s side window. Upon first glance, Tesla’s all-electric Model S looks like a luxury sedan, with sleek styling and smooth... Read more

2014 Best 3D Printers Over $5000

2014 BEST 3D PRINTERS OVER $5000 REVIEWS AND COMPARISON | iD3 | CSP | Leapfrog | Stratasys | Makerbot; To round out our categories of 3D printers, we come to the final level, featuring printers over $5000. This includes all models that are... Read more