2015 Best 3D Scanners Under $1500

3D Systems | Occipital | Rubicon | Matter and Form | Fuel3D | 3D scanners, although you might think they wouldn’t have much practical potential in everyday life, can be immensely useful in both personal and business settings. Imagine... Read more

Rubicon 3D

The Rubicon 3D is a 3D scanner designed with simplicity of design in mind, which lowers the pricing point significantly and puts most of the device’s power into the software. The design of this scanner is slightly more rudimentary than we have... Read more

Sintratec Sintra

The Sintratec Sintra is one of the most innovative new 3D printers we have seen since the technology became popular a little more than a year ago. We expect it to make a huge noise in the industry and redefine not only how 3D printing is done... Read more

Ultimaker 2

Ultimaker’s new 3D printer offering, the Ultimaker 2, is another printer on our list that has been upgraded in a major way, as well as vastly improved over previous models. What used to be an average offering in the original Ultimaker, an... Read more

ORD Solutions RoVa3D Version 2

The ORD Solutions RoVa3D Version 2 is a stellar improvement over their offering we reviewed last year, the MH3000. This upgrade features an improved design, keener precision and continued value for your money. We couldn’t think of a better 3D... Read more