The ROBO 3D R1 is one of those printers you occasionally see that has a great amount of potential. The company built this 3D printer with just that idea in mind: potential. Their goal is to provide a solution that not only fits the bill... Read more

M3D Micro

The M3D Micro is one of the premier up and coming 3D printers on the market today. Although it hasn’t yet been released to the public, this 3D printer is very promising and has received a lot of positive buzz in the industry. With a solid... Read more

2015 Best 3D Printers Over $5000

CSP | Leapfrog | Stratasys | Sintratec | Makerbot | To round out our categories of 3D printers, we come to the final level, featuring printers over $5,000. This includes all models that are bigger and for completely industrial purposes. You... Read more