2015 Best Drones

2015 Best Drones

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Hobby King
ModelQuanum NovaIRIS+DreamQiiAirDogAibot X6
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Competitive Edge
Best ValueBest Quality PhotosMost UpgradeableMost UniqueFarthers Range
Visit websiteHobby King3DRoboticsPlexiDroneAirDogAibotix
Battery Life
15 mins16-22 Mins35 mins10-20 Mins60 mins
Pilot ControlRemoteRemote/AutoRemoteRemoteRemote/Auto
1000 ftN/A1 mile1000 FtN/A
Thermal Camera
11.81 x 11.81 x 7.87 in18 x 25 x 6 in15 x 15 x 5 inN/AN/A
1.92 lb8 lbs2.9 lbs3.96 lbs7.5 lbs

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Personal drones are one of the more interesting products that have hit the innovation market in the past few years and we have searched high and low to bring you what we believe to be the 2015 best drones that are for personal use and reasonably priced.

Being more fun than practical for most people, drones provide a way to see things and go places that our human bodies can’t often go without booking passage on an airplane or hopping into a helicopter or hot air balloon. Although to the average observer these appear to be slightly more sophisticated remote control vehicles and aircraft, it is that sophistication and certain types of advanced onboard technology that sets these machines apart.

A drone is defined as an unmanned aircraft or vehicle and is usually close to the size of a standard one that has room for a pilot. In the military, drones are not only designed to utilize the extra space not occupied by pilots to transfer supplies, but are also used to engage in dangerous reconnaissance operations and other maneuvers in a way that keeps personnel out of danger of being attacked. On the personal level, they are used primarily as a means of observation, and with the right range and equipment, are capable of taking photographs and video of some of the most amazing perspectives.

The applications for this type of technology are pretty broad and its potential is even more so. Allowing the human race the benefit of extending ones perspective beyond normal means provides opportunities to explore space further, see the mountaintops while our feet are planted firmly on the earth, and capture for posterity images of things that aren’t so easily caught using conventional methods. Thermal cameras can be connected, which will allow archaeologists to fly a drone into an area and look deeply, several feet underground, to see if there is anything there without having to go through the trial and error process of digging.

Most importantly, no matter what the use, drones keep us safe, and in a brilliant way. It is for this reason alone that we are glad to review our top picks for the iReviews 2015 best drones, and we look forward to seeing what is out there in the coming months and years as well.