Leapfrog Creatr HS

Established 3D printer designer Leapfrog has released its latest in the Creatr line: the Leapfrog Creatr HS. It is a larger and faster version of the Creatr, with ample improvements throughout. A much larger print envelope allows for larger... Read more

Mbot-3D GRID II Dual Head

It’s hard to believe, but 3D printers have been out long enough to have different versions of the same model come onto the market, and the MBot-3D GRID II Dual Head 3D printer is a perfect example. Magicfirm, the developers of the MBot... Read more

Printrbot Go Large

The Printrbot Go Large is the largest of three in the second generation Go series of their 3D printers. The printer is not only large, but the capabilities of this printer are likewise grand. With a large print envelope, a triple extruder and... Read more

Leapfrog Creatr Dual Head

The Leapfrog Creatr Dual Head 3d printer is a sturdy, pre-calibrated entry-level offering. With its large print size and an optional Dual Extruder, printing large objects with multiple materials is a breeze. Materials and workmanship of the... Read more

OpenCube SCOOVO C170

As a product made exclusively for Japanese markets, the OpenCube SCOOVO C170 is an efficient, environmentally responsible and capable 3D printer that is built with pride in Japan. It has a modest amount of features that stand out, but was also... Read more


The CSP PowerWASP Evo is the first ever 3D printer to feature milling and cutting abilities, paired with the rich and accurate printing abilities one would expect from a machine of such a fine caliber. World’s Advance Saving Project or... Read more

2014 Best 3D Printers Over $5000

2014 BEST 3D PRINTERS OVER $5000 REVIEWS AND COMPARISON | iD3 | CSP | Leapfrog | Stratasys | Makerbot; To round out our categories of 3D printers, we come to the final level, featuring printers over $5000. This includes all models that are... Read more

2014 Best 3D Printers Under $5000

2014 BEST 3D PRINTERS UNDER $5000 REVIEWS AND COMPARISON | Leapfrog | ORD Solutions | CSP | Airwolf | Wanhao; As mentioned before, there are multiple tiers of 3D printers, both in price range and features. As prices increase, you end up with a... Read more

2014 Best 3D Printers Under $2000

2014 BEST 3D PRINTERS UNDER $2000 REVIEWS AND COMPARISON | CSP | Printrbot | Leapfrog | Mbot-3D | OpenCube; 3D printers, we have discovered, come in all shapes, sizes and prices. As with any other product, the more you pay for something the... Read more

Pirate3D Buccaneer

Pirate3D, a new company out of Singapore, has managed to not only produce a decent quality 3D printer, but for under $500, which is extremely impressive. To fund their initial kickstarter campaign, they offered an initial run of their Pirate3D... Read more