CADScan Cubik 3D

The CADScan Cubik 3D Scanner is a very ample piece of technology that resides in the category between professional use and hobbyist enthusiasm. The Cubik offers users a decent-sized scan bed on a turntable, very good resolution coupled with... Read more

3D Digital Corp eScan3D

The 3D Digital Corp eScan3D is a quality, high-end portable scanner with a moderately affordable price tag. It offers a very quick scan and produces results that are comparable in quality and accuracy to much higher-priced units. 3D Digital... Read more

3D Systems iSense

The 3D Systems iSense allows you to convert your iPad into a physical photography camera, allowing you to use it to scan on-the-go. Users simply attach the iSense to an iPad, then walk around and scan entire objects or environments, obtaining... Read more

Stratasys Objet Eden260V

Stratasys has created what iReviews considers the most versatile 3D printer on the market in its price range, for a price of 19,800 dollars. The Stratasys Objet Eden260V is the ultimate entry point into the world of mid-sized, high-quality... Read more

2014 Best 3D Scanners Over $50000

2014 BEST 3D SCANNERS OVER $50000 REVIEWS AND COMPARISON | Creaform | Nikon | GOM | eQUALITY TECH | Konica Minolta; Finally, we get to the cream of the crop of the line of 3D scanners available throughout the world today. These scanners are... Read more

Makerbot Digitizer

The Makerbot Digitizer is stepping out into a brave new world; the 3D printing market has taken off, and the 3D scanning market has arrived. Makerbot’s 3D printers have been a success, according to the company, and now they have moved to... Read more

Fuel3D Scanner

The Fuel3D Scanner is another portable scanner taking the market by storm. While Fuel3D’s 3D scanner is not the most affordable unit we have reviewed, its impressive specs and versatility have earned it a place on our list. This impressive... Read more

Matter and Form 3D Scanner

The Matter and Form 3D Scanner is the first crowd-funded scanner of its type. The fully-encased, portable unit is one of the market leaders in the transition of 3D printing and scanning from industrial and commercial use to personal use... Read more

Occipital Structure Sensor

The Occipital Structure Sensor is billed as the first “3D sensor for mobile devices.” After an impressive KickStarter campaign that made it one of the top grossing campaigns of all time, the company delivered what they promised with an overall... Read more

2014 Best 3D Scanners Under $50000

2014 BEST 3D SCANNERS UNDER $50000 REVIEWS AND COMPARISON | Nikon | Artec | Creaform | 3D Digital Corp | RangeVision; 3D scanners are a particularly sophisticated type of technology that allows near-perfect reproduction of any... Read more