2015 Best 3D Printers Over $5000

CSP | Leapfrog | Stratasys | Sintratec | Makerbot | To round out our categories of 3D printers, we come to the final level, featuring printers over $5,000. This includes all models that are bigger and for completely industrial purposes. You... Read more

2015 Best 3D Printers Under $5000

2015 BEST 3D PRINTERS UNDER $5000 REVIEWS AND COMPARISON | ORD Solutions | Leapfrog | Ultimaker | Airwolf | CSP; As mentioned before, there are multiple tiers of 3D printers, both in price range and features. As prices increase, you end up... Read more

StereoScape Dreamoc HD3

The StereoScape Dreamoc HD3 is a holographic display system with 3 viewable sides. The system lets you integrate 3D holographic content with physical products. By using the key-protected back door, you can easily access the chamber and the... Read more

Musion EyeLiner

Musion EyeLiner is an innovative system for projecting HD video holograms. The system is capable of projecting freeform3D holographic effects. It uses Peppers Ghost technology, which projects the effects on live stages. The projector delivers... Read more

T.Ware T.Jacket

The T.Ware T.Jacket is an interesting concept that provides virtual hugs in real life. This wearable vest provides deep hugs to comfort or calm stressed or anxious people. The vest makes use of customizable air pressure compression that is... Read more

Sensoria Fitness Socks

The founders of Sensoria, Inc. left their jobs at Microsoft’s Xbox division to pursue their long-cherished dream, the dream of building a company of their own. They believed that the next big thing in the computing arena will be the computers... Read more

2015 Best 3D Printers Under $2000

2015 BEST 3D PRINTERS UNDER $2000 REVIEWS AND COMPARISON | CSP | MakerGear | Printrbot | Leapfrog | Mbot-3D; 3D printers, we have discovered, come in all shapes, sizes and prices. As with any other product, the more you pay for something the... Read more